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Mes Turkey, Time, Temp., Tips

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Hi all, I have a 8.66 lb turkey breast(basically a legless bird). This will be my 2nd turkey attempt. Does 275 for about 4 hours sound right? Internal temp of 170? My last attempt was o.k. I used a full tray of wood and it was too smokey. Maybe it's all in my head but it seems when I use water in the pan, the smoke flavor caca. I usually put all the wood in right at the beginning, is that right or should I try to spread it out over the course of the cook. Any tips of comments are greatly welcome here. Unless I hear something to the contrary I think today's bird will be done with no water in the pan. TIA
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You should use the water pan to keep the temps stable and also add wood as needed, both are your choice though. I have done several 1/2 breasts and wasn't that impressed. I prefer chicken, but that is a choice also.

Whatever you decide good luck.
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Cook until internal temp is 170-177.
Set your smoker to 275.
Put in just a small amount of wood every 30-40 minutes. Just use 3-5 chips or a small chunk about the size of a large marshmallow. This will provide for a small amount of smoke coming out of the top vent which should be wide open.

With Turkey or chicken I don't use water in the pan as there is plenty released by the bird.

Works for me
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I also do not use water in the pan, but that is your choice. I use just a little Hickory and cook @ 275* as Illini said. You may have to use your oven or BBQ with higher temps to finish, if you want crisp skin. I personally take the skin off. Good luck, show us some pics!
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All good advice given. Don't forget to take some Qview.
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Ive seen where some folks put the wood chips in a foil pouch and punch a few small holes in it... Just an idea.......
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Thanks for the tips, It's on right now . I'm going to try this one with no water. I will likely finish her off in the oven, just because its cold and windy,I like a crisper crust, and I can keep an eye on the thermometer. (don't want to over cook it).
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How did this turn out Smokey? Pics?
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I don't know if it was pic worthy, but it was great. Could have thrown a little more smoke at it. As far as posting pics, is there a gallery to upload pisc here? or do I need to do like a photobucket acct. thing??
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