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Butts and other stuff.........

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Well its just another beautiful day here in NE Fla... Had to fire up the smoker again.. Rubbed 2 8# butts last night and let em sit in the fridge... Thawed out some sockeye salmon.. Grabbed some more peppers for abt's.. Got 3 chicks ready for the beercan..Also found 2 turkey legs , just for some variety...Will be adding pics as the day goes.. Hope you all have a great sunday !!

Butts ready to go on.

Chicks ready to dance.

On the smoker it all goes with the turkey legs

Got the salmon ready to go.

The land is getting full.

No room for the abt's just yet .
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Good luck my friend... You have a great day ahead of you!
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Turkey legs done.

Salmon done.
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Legs look fantastic!!!

Not a big salmon fan tho... But great job so far none the less!
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That is some good lookin eats right there ... nice q-view too !!
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Time for the abt's.. Took some of the salmon and mixed it with the crab and cream cheese.........

On the smoker they go... Butts and chicken all around 150 right now...
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man that is a feast for a king...hope u got alot of people coming over. wish i was one !!!
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Looks great! I think I could be there in about 24 hours if I drove striaght through.
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I can make it there in 8... On my way now!!!
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Thx guys ! Abt's done

Time to foil the butts

Chicks done
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Mike - that's an awesome looking full smoker ya got!!! Really looks good .... I thought I smelled some bbq in the air. rolleyes.gif
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Looks great I would love to be chomping down on one of those legs.
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!0 hours later im done !!


more chicken

Butt falling apart


Thx for looking biggrin.gif
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It has been a pleasure watching you finish this all day long! Great work!
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Nice job, Jax. It all looks delicious. I love seeing full smokers. biggrin.gif
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Man that is a heck of nice smoke!
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wow thats alot of food and it all looks great good job
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Man EVERYTHING looks great!! I just ate lunch and I am hungry again! Thanks for sharing.
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