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Here's what just went on the Big Block 4 Racks of St. Louis style spares and all the trimmings..i dusted 2 with webbers sweet and tangy, 1 with kickin chickin and the other with durkee's course ground pepper and lemon peel..

all have been rubbed and sitting in the fridge since friday. the smoke is wild cherry and some is 60 degrees with sprinkles and some wind

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Looks like a great start!!
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Sweet looking start...can't wait to see the final pics.

BBQ Eng.
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Looking good. Keep us updated on the progress.
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Looks good, I always like to have my standard rub then try a different flavor or two just to compare as well.
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I love to let racks sit in the fridge at least overnight, and the trimmings to boot. Thanks for sharing what is to be some great tasting Q.
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Thats gonna be some tasty ribs , can't wait to see the finished pics smile.gif
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Man these are lookin' GOOD

here they are before i foiled them...was debateing on whether to foil or not. any ways i'm only going to let them in for an hour then back on the racks to start glazing...

gonna try something new it's Iron Chef, General Tao Chicken Glaze, with those long peppers in it.

man me and the dog are drooling all over the place.. the weather has been holding out just had a couple of sprinkles but very humid and very mild breeze..

see you'all at the dinner table
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Wow...those look amazing. Great color on 'em.

BBQ Eng.
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X 2 I'd eat the heck out of that
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happiness is a smoker full of RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

out of the foil and back on the racks.

starting the glazing with General Toa Chicken Glaze and it looks and smells divine.

hopefully i have this timed right. the boy and the BIL went to UFC 96 in Columbus and should be walking thru the door soon. then we can chow.

definitly going to have some leftovers this time for work tommorrow
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MMMmm looking great !!!!!
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finished product

here are the finished ribs..MMMMMMMMMMMMan they were good, that General Tao glaze was excellent
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Great qview icon_cool.gif
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great lookin gawd those r making me drool !
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