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Hens and Legs

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Did them on the kettle. Piled up lump and mesquite chunks. Nothing fancy, my daughter's request. A little of Jeff's rub and smoke.
Kids love the Cornish hens and they cook up pretty quick. Baked potatoes, home canned string beans with some bread and butter pickles made with squash.
turned out well.

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That looks good, RW. I need to get some of those leg racks.
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Looks good now I'm hungry!!
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Nice job. I'm sure you had a happy daughter. biggrin.gif
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AS some may know.
Happy daughters equal a happy house.
I love her dearly. My son is a keeper also!
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glad I waited for that to load-I doing ricks snake bit injected this afternoon on the grill-that there is some good looking chicken RW.
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Nice smoke there.points.gif
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Very nice use of the space you have available. The skin looks nice on those legs/birds. Good Q my friend.
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