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Salted Steak W/Qview

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I read this thread and thought I would try it.

I didn't get a pic with the salt on it, but I covered it good for 15 minutes

This may not be a good test as this is a ribeye with good marbling.

I salted the crap out of it on both sides for 15 minutes. I rinsed it good, dried it good and added some garlic and lemon pepper.

Off the weber after 7 minutes total.

Nice and tender with a little trace of salt.

Not a really good test since the ribeye is tender anyway.
Worth a try though.

Give it a shot!
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Looks so good you should post it twice ;)
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No matter the grade or the cut, the salt thing seems to bring some beefiness to it.

Yours looks like it's cooked to perfection!
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beautiful looking steak Ron , thanks for the q-view and makin me hungry biggrin.gif
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That ribeye couldn't look any better...I bet it was awesome (as I drool on the keyboard)!

BBQ Eng.
post #6 of 12 I'm hungry again !!
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I never knew about this method so thanks for opening me up to new technique. I am going to try this out sometime in the week.
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Nice Job Ron, Salt & Beef Definately Go Great Together!
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I think I'd punch you, swipe your steak, run like hell and eat it real fast!

That looks great!
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That's really the idea using salt. By drawing the water out of the meat, you are concentrating the flavor of the meat. If you wait too long and the liquid is reabsorbed, all you have done is really brined it.
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Nice job Ron, as always looks good.
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Looks great Ron. Think I'll have to give this one a shot
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