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My wife thinks I've gone off the deep end because all I talk about now is what to smoke next and how to do it. Thank you to Jeff for starting this web site and forum.
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Seems many of us have that same problem biggrin.gif
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You are not the only one!!! Mine gets ticked off that I am always looking to modify my smoker, I'm always at the meat market, always whipping up something so bad for my heart that I should have a medic on standby... But I have to say, when the food is all cooked and she bites into that piece of meat... Her face will light up like it is the 4th of July...

Keep fighting the good fight!
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Welcome to the forum. There is a lot to learn here. A lot of folks here ready to help.
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Welcome Lex,

Wives can be tricky that way. You will find some smoked delicacy that she is particularly fond of, and if you make sure that you have some of that scheduled for the smoker, she will be a little more understanding.

My wife calls herself a workshop widow when I get going on new projects (especially welding up the next great smoker!). I am quick to point out that she knows exactly where I am. She has since come around to embrace my hobby, and has even started buying me BBQ related gifts and doing all the legwork when I have big events...Gotta love that!

BBQ Eng.
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Welcome to SMF Lex. My wife was the same way until she started enjoying the results of the smoke. Now she asks "What are you going to smoke this weekend?"
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Welcome to SMF. It's a great place to learn the art of smoking. Lots of great info and people who love to share their knowledge.
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Welcome to the passion and to SMF!
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome. My wife is complaining about all the smoked meat in the freezer. She wants me to eat that before I smoke some more. I told her the dog needs to eat some to! Fresh off the smoker is best! LMAO
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Sounds like you've been bitten by the Q bug. Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome, Lex! Your gonna like it here. Sorry to hear about the missus. Some spouses just don't understand.
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this is our support to smf
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