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My Apprentice and her first rib smoke.

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This is a repost. Here is my oldest daughter learning how to smoke ribs.
Thanks for viewing.
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Andy looks like she did a great job and its nice to see her take an interest in smoking
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Cool. Thanks for reposting that. It's great when kids want to help. My younger son is asking a lot of questions while I'm smoking foods. My older son couldn't care less.
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Great post! I miss the time with my oldest daughter helping with sausage and smoking. She is off to college and only home occasionally. My younger daughter wants nothing to do with it. frown.gif
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It's funny, all three of my girls want to help. I promised my middle daughter that she could help the next time we smoke ribs. The youngest just wants to eat it (for now. she is only 6).
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Nice Andy, before long she will be telling you how to do it, lol.

Thanks for sharing.
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GREAT job with including the little ones...i have 5 and they always enjoy helping out...points here
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Looks like she's getting the hang of it, Andy. It's nice to have someone to share your hobby with. Thanks for the pics.
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Thanks for sharing these pics Andy. It's great to get the kids involved in something that the whole family can appreciate.
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BBQ'ing is a great way to share good things with family and or friends. Nice way to bond with young ones.
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