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Two Butts on the Drum

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Smoking a couple of butts today on the UDS.

Here are a couple of the usual suspcts . . . two bone-in pork shoulder roasts at around 5 lbs. each . . .

I'm trying out "R's Rub" (Thanks, Rich) As always seems the case the first time I make something, I didn't have exactly the right ingredients -- haven't got the Hungarian paprika yet, wife bought celery seed instead of celery powder, had to use coarse ground black pepper instead of cracked black pepper and had to supplement some of THAT with regular ground . . . well, you get the idea. Anyway it is still excellent! Tried some on my eggs yesterday at breakfast (couldn't wait) and it is really good.

Here's the butts rubbed and ready.

Got to try out my new seasoning shaker. That thing works great. Had a problem with rub getting clumped on before but the shaker works really nice.

Here they are wrapped for the fridge last night . . .

and on the smoker at about 6:15 am this morning.

Using Kingsford Comp charcoal with a few chunks of hickory. Took awhile to find the "sweet spot" with the Kingsford since it burns a little hottor and my drum has eight 3/4" holes for the exhaust but now with both caps on and the valve about 3/4 open it is holding at 239°.
Gonna be a beatiful sunny day here in Corning. Great day for smoking.

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Looking awesome so far, Dave !!:D
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Lookin good so far Dave. I'm going to try doing my first butt smoke tomorrow, gotta pick up the meat today and still haven't decided whether to do bone-in or not. Anyway, about the paprika, using regular is perfectly fine, the Hungarian is simply a better quality due to how well the peppers grow in the region. I use Szeged Hungarian hot paprika in anything that calls for paprika. There are different kinds in our supermarkets here so it is easy to get, but I'm sure those butts are going to come out amazing either way.
Good kuck
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Do bone-in if you can find them. The consensus is it contributes some to the flavor plus it is a great tool to determine doneness. The bose should slide out clean if it is done.

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looks awsome dave...and the hungarian pap really makes a dif in rubs. atleast my opinion. i had to hunt for awhile but found it at a albertsons down on the bttm shelf ....good luck and your butts look great biggrin.gif
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Here they are about 4 hours in . . .

Sorry about the crappy pic.

Butt #1 is at 152° and Butt #2 is at 153°. I sprayed them with a 3:1 mixture of apple juice and Captain Morgan which is what they will be foiled with. I'll take 'em up to 165° then foil and cooler 'em at 200° for an hour then pull.

So far so good.biggrin.gif

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You the man!!!
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Looking very nice Dave.
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About 5 and 1/2 hours in . . .

The Taylor 1470 temp probes said 167° and 162° but the Thermapen did not agree. It said 162° and 156°. Not too far off but I think I'll leave them on a bit longer then I'll foil them.

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Looking great, Dave. Can't wait to see the final pics.
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Another Drum success.
Well not yet! Not till you pull.
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Everything looks good so far. Nice looking UDS!
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Man, I'm STUFFED!! Did too much nibbling and snitching while I was processing the meat before dinner.

The first butt hit 200° and about 2:30. Here it is in the pan . . .

Nice clean bone for the dog to gnaw on.

The second butt hit 200° about 3:25 and here's a picture of it.

Another nice clean bone for the dog.

Here they are somewhat pulled.

My wife and I were doing a lot of nibbling but managed to get about five 12 oz. packages in the freezer, sent a package home with a friend and had more than enough for dinner.

The texture was a little different than I expected. Very tender but some parts were almost a bit mushy and the color was more gray than usual. Could be because the one that finished early rested in the foil for almost two hours.

Rich's rub is GREAT!! :thumb::thumb: My wife gave me strict orders to NOT change the seasoning. The Kingsford Comp charcoal ROCKS in the UDS. Most of the time I was running with both caps on and the valve about 1/4 to 2/3 open. Temp really wanted to climb when I took the lid off to get the butts out to foil and I closed the valve before I lifted the lid. My ball valve leaks slightly apparently because I could not get the temp to go back down with the valve closed. When I screwed a 3/4" pipe plug in the valve, then I was able to get the temp back down to 250°. Took the plug out and open the valve about 1/3 of the way and it chugged right along again.

All in all a very enjoyable smoke and discovered a yummy rub to boot!! Thanks for watching.

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looks great !!!!!
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