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First signs of spring

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Well my first attempt at starting seeds. Things are going well. Lots of sprouts in the first week. Hope they all make it into the garden in another2 months. I will be planting 2nd week of May here. Just north of Baltimore.
I can taste the tomatoes and beans now.
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Good luck with your garden. It was snowing here this morning. Makes it difficult to think about growing things.biggrin.gif
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Planting 72 tomatoes indoors today,planted 108 peppers feb27.I usually plant may7-14, just south of you hear in severna park.Getting a new camera shortly,thanks for photos.Rotating my second 4x4x4 compost pile this afternoon, great weather.
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Plants are looking good so far. Makes me jealous because I am just now starting my seeds for this years garden in S. Jersey. 2nd week of May is about the time I planned to place mine outside since April 29th is our last projected frost date. What kinds of tomatoes are you guys growing? Being from Jersey a good tomato is one of my first true loves. This year I am trying cherokee purple, black from tula, delicious, couple of giant 2-5lb strains, great white, ramapo and moreton (jersey strains recently rediscovered after 20 years). Also going to try around 10-15 kinds of peppers, mostly hot. Was able to get a hold of completely heatless jalapenos, some white habaneros and for the first time ever...the dreaded Bhut Jolokia. I hear they are very finicky to grow so hopefully they will grow nicely. Then I get to experiment with smoking them.
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I mainly grow romas for canning.Little and big mama. I get about 3-5 quarts a plant for 150-200 quarts-48 roma type plants-i share with brothers sisters etc.I like big boys for BLT and they have done well for me the last 25 years or so.I grow black cherry and sweet cherry for salads, salsa and i dehydrate some for camping.I like tangerine mama for yellows.I will post pics of my peppers and a list since its alot-25 variety and 108 plants this year-down from 35 and 169 plants last year.My excalibur dehydrators work non stop aug- oct.I am going to uncover my garlic tomorrow and start snow peas and onions wed.I grow on a half acre.
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And I thought I had way too many with 15 different pepper strains and, well I'm not really sure 100% how many tomato strains I have going, I really need to get on things.
Can't wait to check out your grow list.
I believe out of all the pepper strains I have to grow only 2 of them aren't hot, but the hotter the better, right?
I'm going to have to get a bigger smoker to experiment with different peppers and rubs. If anyone has a good bhut jolokia rub or smoked jolokia recipe it would be greatly appreciated. For some reason tried and true jolokia recipes are a bit hard to come by.
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We just started our indoor herb garden last night. This morning we woke up to another foot of fresh powder, and it's been snowing steady all day. I can't wait for April.
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ALX do ya got a recipe for that salsa you could share. Been wanting to make salsa for awhile could never find a recipe for canning.
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You are doing it down 'nnapolis, Hon.
You got me thinking, more plants? We canned for the first time last year. Had good success. And am enjoying sauce and pickles as we speak.
We did zucchini bread & butter. They were great.
Never dehydrated 'maters. Sounds good.
Grow it and enjoy.
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My sister is a CASI-Chile Appreciation Society International multi state green and red chile and salsa champion.I have grown most of her chile powders and green roasting chiles(new mex roasters etc.) for last 5-6 years.She gives me a cut of her winnings for garden expenses and my mothers father was a pretty succesful farmer, who ended up with a couple IGA type grocerrmarkets.Growing veggies organicaly in blood, some of that spilled every year in garden LOL, I will get her recipe for fresh and canned tomorrow, when she gets back from the Lotta Bull Competition bbq class tomorrow in manassas virginia, we compete 6-7 times a year as BlackCatBBQ.I do the sweat and she, wife etc do the cooking ,but sure i will post up some recipes.
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I dehydrate the cherry tomatoes(sweet as hell type,or is that heaven) every year and take trout fishing when me and brothers and friends go camping in west virginia.I add a little Basil from my mothers herb garden and dehydrate that, with a little salt right in those suckers and vac-u-seal for my trail mix.I dehydrate our garlic, onoins and herbs same way.I have two 9 tray Excalibur models and they work great last 4 years- for the volume i do.Lots of paprika,green japs, chipotles etc.Yeah hon, bout 10 miles north of nappolis.When we cook pigs this summer on my PR-60 pig roaster, i will post a roll call,what the hell ,plenty of food.SMF invited.
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Hey chopper, i lived 3 years in anchorage ,alaska as a elementary student-4,5,6, grades and when we drove home we stopped in at the Calgary Stampede.I will never forget that.My mom reminded me this morning when we planted tomatoes,indoors, that the Iditarod started today in Anchorage.I still have a moose turd stick figure in the wifes china cabinet.I always tell people, naw you wouldnt like alaska or western canada etc., just to keep it a secret, so to speak.God Bless.
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Thanks, sounds like a party!
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The Stampede is fantastic Alx! Way back, a long long time ago (I believe it was the early '70s), my grandparents took me there from Ontario. While there, they won some kind of lottery, and were awarded a bag full of Silver Dollars. Literally...they still have the bag they came in! And we got to ride on a float in the Official Opening day Parade!

I would be surprised if you didn't :)
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