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New smoker

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Hey from PA. New to smoking and ruined some good meat already. Two questions: 1. What cut of meat is beef brisket? 2) What is the most common "misteak" new smokers seem to make? I love smoked foods, and I'm sure I'll love making them! My smoker is the Masterbuilt electric.
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Welcome smokin, you'll love it here.
A brisket is a brisket, comes of the chest of the cow.

I think the biggest mistake we all make at first is to much smoke. ya need to read up on TBS, I know it improved my meals a ton
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Welcome to the forum. It won't be long and you'll be smoking like a pro.
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Thanks for joining the SMF, and congrats on yhe new MES. Always calibrate your therm before it's first use, by testing it in boiling water it should read close to 212 varying by altitude, or near 32 if testing in ice water.
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Welcome to the SMF. I also agree with DanMcG, less smoke is better.
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Welcome to the forum. My biggest mistake was not reading this forum before I started smoking. Too much smoke ruined my first attempt at ribs. Since joining the forum, I have learned much. You will too. Good luck.
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Welcome to the forum! You are getting good advice in these posts. I second what they've already said. To much smoke and inaccurate temps ruin more smokes than anything. Also, air flow is critical. Not enough of it will form creosote (nasty stuff) on your meat.
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I think a common mistake is not keeping a log of temps,wood type weather conditions, weight of meat etc.I usually give a smoker 4-6 smokes before i have a feel for it.Good luck.
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Welcome to SMF. I would suggest that you take Jeff's free 5 day course. You will learn a lot from it. Start reading the wealth of info you'll find here, you'll learn quickly.
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I agree with the rest of the input here. The 5 day course is great as well. Just curious, when you said you ruined some meat, what exactly happened? Take your time, read some posts and use the search box to look up some of the meats you want to try smoking and get some ideas. A month from now, you will be amazed at how far you have come.
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Welcome to SMF, you have already got some good advice. Take your time in doing things. Dig thru this forum it is full of GOLD. Learn your smoker with a poek butt. It is a very forgiving piece of meat. Meatloaf is also another easy one. Try to master one thing at a time and you will be OK. Good luck with your new addiction.
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what he ^^ said ! and welcome to smf
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Welcome aboard! Like a lot of members are saying, learn from my/our mistakes... Don't over smoke!
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I agree with the rest...don't over smoke. You will find that less can be better. Also, experiment with different smoke (flavor) woods. This will really add to your enjoyment and compliment the flavor of whatever you are smoking.

If you don't have a good thermometer, you need to get one. I prefer the therma pen by thermoworks. It has a thin tip that doesn't leave a huge gouge in the side of your stuff that juice (and flavor) just pour out of.

I also have a wireless ET-73 that works really well.

Welcome aboard, and happy smoking!

BBQ Eng.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Thanks for the advice. I already learned I have been using WAY too much smoke and I didn't have enough air flow. I'm on my way!
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Patience grasshopper it will come with time and the help of SMF. Welcome from Arizona!
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Welcome to the SMF. You've come to the right place to learn more about smoking.
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Welcome to the forum Kracker i live in south central pa. around raystown lake.. just keep reading the info stored here and you will be a master in no time..everyone is very friendly and very knowledgeable so you'll fit right in
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welcome....Great place to be man!
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