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I have a friend that's a Home Economist with the local County Extention Office. I was aksing her about putting up different types of food and she provided me with the following link:

It looks like a good site to bookmark-there is even a section on Curing and smoking too!

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Much appreciate the link!!
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canning peppers

I grew up around a bunch of farm people my grandmother canned as did my mother I started canning for myself over 30 years ago. If your doing a pickle like brine vinegar/water base you process in a hot water bath if your going for a straight canning process pack in pint jars add 1 tbs. vinegar and 1/2 tsp canning salt to each jar top each jar with boiling water leave 1" headspace seal jars. Process at 10lbs pressure for 35 minutes. I have pickled pepper recipes if you need them
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Thank you Dutch.I just bookmarked-i was looking for this site and lost it when i posted earlier in thread.
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the forum at has a harvest section with extensive preservation information. participants of that forum include staff of and among others.
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Originally Posted by bayoubear View Post

for crisp pickled jalepeno (and other) slices...

i do about half a 5 gallon bucket at a time of fresh slices.

add water over peppers to completely cover.
add 1/4 cup of pickling lime, stir well.

stir thouroughly every five minutes for total of 30 minutes.

drain, add water back to bucket, stir well, drain,
do this no less than 3 times.

helps to have a second 5 gal bucket handy to just pour back and forth.

process as usual

(i use a colander to dip the peppers out of the lime water and put into other bucket, add water, stir well, colander back to first bucket of clean water... not as complicated as it seems)

That sounds like a good tip,

I was wondering If a 5 gallon colander would work just as well as, re-rinsing in buckets?


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