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Getting ready to make 30lbs tomorrow, it's gonna be a long day. I will try to take some pics. Should be fun. I hope 18 beers is enough! 15 Lbs of antilope and 15lbs of pork. Hmm what chips shall I use, maple or apple?
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How ever ya do it I'll be looking forward to the Qview biggrin.gif
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Like Pineywoods said, we insist on seeing Qview! Otherwise, Bubba will be along to remind you.biggrin.gif
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Q view for sure! I like hickory for salami but its just a matter of prefrence really!
whatever flavor you like 30# thats a small batch!! good luck!
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Okay everyone, this is my first QView, so here goes. Uncle lar, 30lbs is a big day for me, it is about all I can handle. For the smoke I used pecan. Sportsmans Warehouse only had the huge chunks so I had to split them into little pieces, I used some luhr jensen hickory at the bottom of the pan to get the smoke rollin, it turned out great!
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I fell asleep on the couch waiting for the sausage to get done, wife woke me up at 1:30am about an hour and a half overdue, but it is still really good! Today I wrapped it for the freezer and reaped the benefits for lunch! I drank all the beer yesterday so I had to settle for water with the sandwich and chips.
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man i wanna do that...can't wait till hunting season. i missed last year so don't have the stock pile ?
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Do you mean you miss all of your shots...or the entire hunting season?
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That looks fantastic nice job!!
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lol..the season...not THAT bad of a crossing fingers and knocking on wood[quote=coffee_junkie;282612]
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your not that far from me. well in comparission we are close. I'm in Powell WY justsouth of billings about a hour. we need to do a meet or something for all us guys spread out around wyoming, montana, ect....
there is a bbq contest slash i think blues festival inworland wyoming this summer in august. or there is bound to be something else maybe in billings or some where.
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[quote=coffee_junkie;282552]Okay everyone, this is my first QView, so here goes. Uncle lar, 30lbs is a big day for me,

Was just pulling your leg a little about the 30# batch.I started that way too. now sometimes I wish I could just do a 30# batch but with people wanting my stuff all the time I usually wind up with a 50-60# batch.
nice lookig Q there, and nice looking salami! looks like your a pro already!
just get rid of that miller lite now, and switch to Bud light and it will go even smoother for ya ! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gifbiggrin.gif
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great lookin salami coffee_junkie , nice job on the q-view wink.gif
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Nice job on the salami...looks great!!
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Great lookin stuff Coffee. Looks like they came out perfect!!
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Mighty fine lookin salamis there!!
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