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No More Chat?

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So, no more "chat" here huh? Or am I just totally blind?
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Try the link in here T
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There is a post from Brian about chat, but here's the link
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I assume it's still not working, not complaining just want to make sure since I can't get in.
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it's workin, I just checked, use the link Irishteabear posted
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to new a version for my system-so no more chat for me.
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Geez Des that just ain't right!
Maybe you just need to upgrade the flash player thingy or something.
(can ya tell I'm clueless about puters?)
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I updated my password in the Control Panel and it went to working for me. Guess I just had to hold my mouth right ;)
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That's okay. We knew what you meant.

Here's the link to the latest version if you're interested.

You may have to uninstall your current version first.

Good luck.

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