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Jeffs Butt Rub Question

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I had bought Jeffs " rub-n sauce " recipe but looking at it it says it is a rub for ribs. Is this what people are using for butts when they say they used Jeffs Rub?
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Yes it is. Generally you can use a rub for most everything. Smoking food, like cooking, is all a matter of preference. You may find you like a rub on one thing and not on another.
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You can use it for that, I would tell you to experiment a bit and find out what matches your taste buds. There are several recipes post in the Sauces/Marinades forum or check here in the pork forum as well.
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Thanks for the quick replies!!
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I haven't found anything yet its not good on
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I generally use one rub for beef, one for poultry, and one for pork and other things.

I am working on a Universal Rub that tasted good on everything. I'm close, but not there quite yet.
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i like a rub from the famous bbq smoker guy in arizona called "mad coyote joe" he spent time in mexico living down there for their spices and had his own cook show for years. I got to build a house right next to his and he is all about the Q....and second is head country if i don't make any home made stuff. just for who is interested he has books out (Mad Coyote) and that is good money spent...alot of diffrent recipes of all kinds of southwestern foods...
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