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It's a profusion of Pork.

pro⋅fu⋅sion   /prəˈfyuʒən/ [pruh-fyoo-zhuhn] – noun
1. abundance; abundant quantity
2. a great quantity or amount of
3. lavish; extravagant

Who likes pork? I mean, really likes pork. Well, I do. After thinking about this for a while, I present my first attempt at an ultimate pork treat - a little something for everyone. So pull up a knife and fork, and watch the magic happen.

First, select two long links of your favorite sausage types. I like to mix them up, but you can have them all the same if you like. If fresh, put them in the freezer until the get nice and hard, making sure they are kept straight and not curved as they freeze. It is better if you do this the day before your planned smoke. In this smoke, I used home-made chorizo and bratwurst.

Next, I took an 8 lb.+ packer pork loin and sectioned about a 3 lb. roast from the large end. I'll be using the rest for other treats in the future.

Your roast section should be about 2 inches longer than the sausage. The roast could be just a little frozen inside for the next steps, it will make it easier to remove the silver skin and help keep the knife straight for the plunge cuts. Take you time and trim it well.

Trim off all the residual fat and silver skin, as you don't want anything interfering with the pure pork goodness. Above you see the process half-completed. Below, the finished product.

Now comes the tricky part. Using a long thin pointed knife, make X-shaped incisions through the whole length of the roast. Told you it needs to be a long knife! It's important that these plunge cuts don't go astray, so that the X is preserved through the length of the roast. It doesn't have to come out the other end. You need to make two of these, equally spaced from each other and the outside surface of the roast.

Now, take your sausages out of the freezer, and if you like, remove the casings from them, as it makes a better presentation and lets the meats melt together.

Make sure your X-cuts are longer than your sausages. Next, firmly insert them through the X-shaped holes you made in the roast. They ought to be long enough to just make it from end to end, or better, a little shorter by an inch or two.

It's better if you can't see the ends, as it makes for a better presentation and a nice surprise later when you slice it. Besides, it's a nice pig nose.

For the final touch, a bacon weave is created for the roast. I used a combination of some home-made buckboard bacon and longer commercial bacon because it is more interesting. I imagine any bacon will work just as well.

I put the weave in the freezer to firm it up and make it easier to work with, and then applied it to the roast. Time to load the bomb into the smoker and wait for the creation to come to life.


It's... FrankenSwine!

From his oversize pig nose to meatball eyes, bacon ears to curly bacon tail, he's all edible and all tasty.

And finally, what you have waited to see - the sliced result. Tasty, juicy, smoky and delicious. Mmmmmmmm!

How could a pork lover not love a bacon-wrapped smoke ring surrounding a loin and sausages like this? So resign your mind to gobble divine FrankenSwine from my chow line.
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roflmbo That is one of the most creative things I've seen on a long time!

How did he taste? lol

Points to you. biggrin.gif
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Great looking smoke! I too had to give you points!
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My GAWD that is obscenely good!!!!
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Mighty fine, mighty fine! Great and creative idea there. Points!
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need taster view..looks awsome. and way to think out side the BOX. points if i gott'em
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lol I love it!! biggrin.gif
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You should be careful toying with nature like that. I have never seen such a site, such a beautiful monster that you just can't help but love. You really must have felt like Dr. Frankenstein while creating such an amazing creature. I'm just imagining the creature amidst the smoke and heat while the Dr. laughs maniacly and brings the beast to life.
Wonder if anyone will do a sequel, Bride of FrankenSwine!
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He's tryin to be our new Senator here in Minnesota!
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That's about all I can say!!!
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man that looks good
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Too cool.
I think that would be a hit at a birthday party also.
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Pretty tasty, too. I think it would be a good thing for kids!

(to eat, not as a threat - LOL)
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One word...Awesome!
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Christ man...your killing me. That is a must do! Points from here.
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I'll take two, and send them to Jenny Craig.
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What a great idea! I'm gonna try that at my next party! Thanks a bunch!!!
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