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Baby Backs at Sams

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Is it just me or have the price of baby back gone up? Like way up? Its been about a year since I bought any, but now that I am involved in smoking, I thought Id give them a try. Sams today they had them 3.49 a pound. Is that normal or is it just me. I opted for a nice pork loin instead. Now I need to search the site for a good recipe.
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I was just at BJs today and they had BBs for 3.49 lb. I'm not sure if they've gone up or not. I haven't bought them that often to know the usual price.
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I wouldn't spend a penny at wally's world or sam's club, but a few I know that go there are paying that price regularly. I get mine about 50 cents a lb cheaper at meijers. My grociery store also has them on sale occasionally for $2.99 lb.:o
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Our Sam's Club has had them for a long time at $3.47 per pound. That's one of the reasons I've been doing brisket or butts.
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Bought a case of BB's at Sams a week or so ago for 2.89/lb by the case. See my signature for a stuffed pork loin recipe.
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Well I guess not, maybe it will show up done the road. Better yet I will get the pics and repost.

EDIT: I reposted and updated the link in my Signature.
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BB prices

I bought a case @ Kroger 2 weeks ago for $1.99 per. Your best bet is to smoke a butt. BIGGETS BANG FOR THE BUCK! GREATTTTT TASTE FOR CHEAP!

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Agreed! I get them through an Aramark site by the case for $1/lb. It's sausage and buckboard bacon time!
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Thats about the average price around here. Sometimes there on sale other times they're not. I love my ribs though. Got 5 racks of bbs and 3 racks of spares already cut to st louis style in the freezer.

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I guess I thought they would be cheaper. Based on the fact that the hog market is in the toilet, at least around here it is. Wife and I were talking last night and I think were are going to get a few hogs this year and raise them on site along with the steers. I have a processing room that I use for deer season so I can just process the hogs here.
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