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Newbie question

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I've just got myself a Char Broil, American Gourmet offset smoker / grill / bbq. I've got one batch of venison sausage through it, and they are ok...not great...but ok.

The first few of what you can expect to be many questions from me is how long can I expect a batch of charcoal to burn for? And do you add charcoal throughout the burn cycle?

I know it is relative to the amount I've got in there, so let's say there were roughly 30 - 40 briquettes burning in the firebox.

The issue I ran into was I wasn't able to maintain a high enough temp, even with all the vents wide open. It is winter here, and outside temp was just above freezing (not sure if that is a factor or not). As well, I was adding charcoal a few briquettes at a time, but ended up with a pile of unburned chunks afterwards.

Even as I am writing this, I am expecting someone to call me a knucklehead, condescendingly pat me on the head, smile and tell me to stick to pasta :o)

Any help you folks can offer is greatly appreciated!
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Chopper, I am not familiar with your smoker...sorry I can't be of some help.
Hopefully someone that has a Char Broil will be along to answer your questions.
Hang in there. :)
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There are some modifications you can do to improve your smoker. I don't own one of them, but there are quite a few here that do. Just hang in there a bit and your questions will be answered.
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Thanks folks. This is an awesome site!!! I am so totally looking forward to attempting those ABTs! My Missus is absolutely gonna LOVE all you guys for introducing me to those!!!
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Stick around - it only gets better!

And welcome to SMF!
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my suggestion would be to get a charcoal box or chimney. Use natural charcoal or "lump". It doesn't last as long but there is no charcoal flavor. I think the norm is 6-8 hrs with a chimney. but i am not positive. With the temps u are talking about u will want to seal up your smoker really good. And if there is any wind with that temp it would be impossible with out a wind shield. I know there are more people on here that are more experienced with those smokers then me. hopefully they will chime in soon. definitely take a look at the mod thread in this section !
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