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German Sausage

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I'm sure someone on here has had it before, just wondering if its as good as advertised. My wifes grandfather talks about it all the time and and claims its the best sausage around. So last week while I was at cabellas I picked up a Hi Mountain german sausage kit, makes 30 pounds. Has anyone had this particular type before? Just curious to see what other think of it. Gonna stuff it tonight and smoke tomorrow. Will post some
q-view later.
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I haven't tried their German sausage mix but did the Polish. I boosted it up a bit with garlic and jalapeno mixed in. Came out excellent. Good luck.
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does anyone by chance have a good, authentic home-made german sausage recipe?
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curiously waiting for answer !!!!
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I will have an authentic recipie when the wifes g-pa gets back from arizona. He wants to make up 300 pounds of it for a family reunion this summer. I just wanted to try a recipie out to get a taste for it. When we make it up I will post the recipie
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gonna hold ya to that !
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Recipe please. Can't wait.
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IT Might be a couple of weeks before we get to it--but i'll post it when i get it. The stuff from cabellas that I stuffed today smells pretty darn good. hope it turns out
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What kind are you looking for? Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Bockwurst?,German Bolongna? Fresh or smoked?
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meat hunter -

to be honest, i'll take any and all that someone has to offer. not only am i german (all my family came from germany plus thanks to the army i was born there), but i am also an historian and further am one of those dang "recipe collectors....: :)
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Tell ya what, send me a private message with your email and give me a few days and Ill send ya some.
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much appreciated - PM on the way ~
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Heres a web site with a lot sausage recipes I am sure one of them will fit your needs.
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Same here, lookin forward ta that en! V-man ya hep me remember ta keep an eye on this en!
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