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Pork Loin

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havent Q'd anything i quite awhile. Mrs.Teacup bought me a new ECB so i thought i would break it in.

marinated and injected, sat for 3 days in cold room
going onto the smoker - cherry/alder/hickory wood mix

had to finish in the oven, got rainy and really windy outside

after an hour in the oven

all finished

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that looks juicy !! to bad about the wind
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yah its northern ontario canada..if its not snowing its raining in the middle of
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Very nice Q, thanks for sharing. Well, at least you had the option of being able to finish it indoors.
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I don't think the oven hurt that a bit! Look good.
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looks great
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Nice job. biggrin.gif
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mmmm. Makes me hungry! Thanks for the Q-view.
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