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Q view mock tender roast

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these were on sale at iga last week. they were around $6. never smoked a whole mock tender from a cow. i love the ones from deer. usually chop them or cook whole.

rubbed this down with a heavy brown sugar rub. laft a great sweet coating on it. smoked this on the brinkman horizontal smoker.

the abts are a whole different deal in there own thread. check em out. rabbit.

any ways. had roasted asparagus and sweet bread with this. turned out great. left a bit med rare and it was very tender.

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That looks good! Made me drool on the keyboard.:p
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Great lookin meal!
Another post I gotta remember ta give points to when we can!!
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Looks delicious.
What is a mock tender? confused.gif I don't think I've seen one around here.
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its a muscle that comes from the front shoulder. on the outside of the shoulder paddle. about 12" long and 4" thick. sits in the bone by its self. about 6" long and 2" thick on a deer.
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The grub looks amazing. Great job.
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Looks great. I am freaking hungry!!
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