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Smoker Temp. Control

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Hello all,

I've been smoking sausage in an old freezer type smoker. Something I just threw together several years ago. I started with a couple electric hot plates then went to a propane burner in the bottom. This worked well but I didn't have the temp control I liked. So.......A few days ago I came across a commerical double door freezer which I plan to turn into another smoker(Thing is beautiful!). I'm looking for some help with a better way to control temp. Prefer a dial type control. Don't really have to get over 200 deg but would be nice to get around 250 if I decided to smoke some ribs or a brisket. I can use electric or propane since I haven't started anything yet. Sorry for the long post and thanks fo the help!

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Welcome to the forum. I can't help you with your heat problem, but someone will be along shortly that can.
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Welcome to SMF. There are people here who will definitely be able to help you. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. :)
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This might be a good place to start.
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Welcome aboard...........Now for your temp control...Allied Kenco has some nice units there. here is the link to their site... Hope that helps........
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Thanks guys! All help is appreciated. I have 110 and 220 available. Anybody ever try to use a oven or stove top and it's temp controls? Been searching on the site and have many ideas. I like the smokedaddy. Thought about getting one of those for smoke and some kind of elect element for temp control. I found a pic of my old freezer smoker. Wasn't much but it worked great. Just wasn't able to smoke more than 50-60 lbs at a time. This one will look better thus keeping the wife off my rear about trashing up the house and property :). I'll try to post a couple pictures. One of some finished sausage and snack sticks and another of the new freezer.
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welcome to the site i made a smoker out of a fridgebut i just used a damper and small burner and it smokes and maintains temp great good luck with it[/IMG]
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Welcome to SMF... I think this is the control i'm gonna use on the smoker i'm building.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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welcome from wyoming
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