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Royal Oak Smoker

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Has anyone seen the new Royal Oak smoker at Lowes? I was in there the other day and seen it. It looks to be made pretty good, much better than the other smokers they carry. It looks a lot like the Oklahoma Joe smoker I have seen on line at Academy Sports. With the fire box it runs right @ $410. I am thinking of picking something up so I can do the occasional larger smoke for family functions. Right now all I use is my USD and really like the way it does it's job. Would there be a large leaning curve going to an off set?

Thoughts, opinions?
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Guess they haven't added it to the web site yet.
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I saw one at Wal Mart a couple of days ago. Didn't look it over too good because I'm not in the market for one. Might want to compare price.
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I saw some RO charcoal grills @ Wally world but not the smoker. I'll have to take another look.

Was then one you saw like this . The one at Lowes is pretty much a clone of this one.
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No, the one I saw was the one that looks like a GOSM.
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It looks like Lowe’s finally has the smoker on its website, Link. I was hoping to get the BBQ Chef from Barbeques Galore but they discontinued them. It looks like I’m going to pull the trigger on this one...
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It's a nice unit, congrats. Let us know how you like it when ya get it.
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Thanks, I’m waiting for my refund check as I’m redoing my whole backyard cooking area. I’ll post some before and after pics when complete. Did you end up getting the smoker?
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No, I didn't. I ended up ordering a Horizon 20" classic.
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I was looking at the Horizon smokers but the shipping would have killed the deal. Lucky for me I noticed a different thread you posted in stating that Bass Pro Shop was stocking Horizon. My wife and I made the one hour trek to her Dad’s (Ontario) and decided to have a look see. They do indeed carry and stock the 16” classic (which is large enough for me) and it’s built like a tank. With that said, we’ll be bringing my truck for the next visit in a few weeks. It’s amazing the difference between those and others that can be purchased at Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc…
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Fantastic news. If I hadn't already ordered mine I'd be trekking up there myself. It's good to hear about the difference in build quality, that's what I'd hoped for.
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It looked like it would take alot of mods to make it a good smoker. For one thing it doesn't even have an ash pan. The cooking area isn't even as big as a chargriller. I think I would look it over pretty good before buying .

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Are ya talking about the Horizon, which both of use are buying?
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No I was talking about the royal oak. I saw you bought a different smoker other than the royal oak , I just wanted to put my findings about the royal oak in case someone else was looking at it.

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I agree, for the money it's not all that.
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Anyone know the specs on this smoker?
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Here is all the info on the RO but you will also need this
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I was hoping to find out the grill size and thickness of the metal.
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The grill is 16" in diameter and I believe it's around 40" long. The metal is like 10 ga. sheet metal. I know for a fact the metal was less than a 16th of an inch thick when I measured it.
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Well, the IRS fairy paid us a little visit last night and actually delivered more than we thought we would get (thank you taxman). Being jealous of your size I called Horizon and spoke to a gentleman named Mark. He hooked me up with a 20” classic, the convection plate, charcoal basket, cover, and two thermometers within my budget. Now the hard part… The wait…

I did go to Home Depot and get my Weber Genesis e-310 and Performer. They’ll hold me off until it comes in.

Did you get yours yet?
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