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My first briskets

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Just did these yesterday. Not sure why I waited so long. :D

Some husbands bring home flowers. Mine brings home meat.

Dan came home with two briskets the other day. They are both just under 4 lbs.

I decided to do one with mustard and rub, the other one just has rub on it.

Fat side:

Lean side:
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Part 2 My first briskets

Mustard on top, no mustard on bottom:

Looking good:

First brisket done:
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Part 3 My first briskets

We were in too big a hurry to eat to take a pic of the first one before I sliced it up.

Brisket two, before slicing:

After being sliced:

It's a definite do again in my book.
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Those are truly a pair of beauties Dawn!
Great job!!;)
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HHHmmm!!! Those look great!!! Love the bark, Thanks for the Qview:)
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looks great Dawn, thanks for sharing.
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Great job Dawn. How about a sammie and a beer over here please!!:D
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Lol, sure as long as you pay the postage. :D
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Nice looking brisket, great job.
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Dawn, congrats on a great smoke, and thanks for the Q View. I can see there was no reason to hold back on that smoke. How about some details such as what was the smoker temp, at what temp did you pull them out, what wood did you use? I know I'm a pain, but those are interesting questions that can be of help to someone.
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Real good job, Dawn.
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You're not a pain, Rich. Thanks for pointing out the fact I forgot to put that info in. :o

I smoked them at 220 using a mix of 3 hrs of mesquite and 1 hr of oak because that's all I had left of the mesquite. They were pulled when they reached 190, foiled, wrapped in a towel and put in a cooler for an hour.

I put them in the smoker at 8:30 am and sliced the last one at 6 pm.
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very nice briskets! indeed!
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Congrats they look good bet theres more briskets in your future :D
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looks like a mighty fine job. i hate mustard but ive been told it doesnt leave any taste of it after smoking. i still havent tried it but someday soon.
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There are 2 out of 4 people in this house who don't like mustard. They don't know it's on the meat. :D You can not taste it at all.
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Right on the money there. Can't taste it at all. Great looking briskets Dawn. Congrats on your first!!!!

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man those both look great !!!
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A guy could get in trouble saying that at the wrong time icon_cool.gif
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