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Smoked meatloaf and Scalloped Potatoes

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I did this while SMF was down.

I'm taking advantage of the break in the weather and threw together a meatloaf to be smoked. Kids wanted scalloped potatoes but I didn't have all the stuff for it so boxed it is. Opened the box, made a little tray for them, lightly sprayed with Pam and in they went with the meatloaf. Smoking with mesquite at 250. The potatoes will go for at least an hour, will have to see what they look like after that. The meatloaf will be 3-4 hrs.

Pulled the dehydrated potatoes out after 1 hr.

Meatloaf sliced

Scalloped potatoes finished

Will definitely be doing the potatoes again like that.
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Awesome Dawn!
No place ta give ya some well deserved points. Guess you'll have remind me when we're allowed. :p
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looks great, thanks for the Q. love scalloped potatoes, will have to try that.
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WOW! That looks wonderful Dawn... How do you like your Bradley? Im looking to go Electric.
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Freaking awesome!!!
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I like it a lot. I'm hoping to get a charcoal smoker within the next month, but will definitely keep the Bradley. I will use it for quick smokes and cold smoking. I have had two friends who are comp quer's taste my smoked foods and have heard nothing but compliments from them. :D
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Looks great Dawn!
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Another great job Dawn!
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Looks great!!
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Intrersting...the potatos I will have to try. Might end up being a side on my weekend gig.
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Those taters look awesome!

This post demonstrates the power of this forum, as I wouldn't have thought of throwing smoke at the dehydrated taters...Now I have something new to try and add to my bag of tricks. WELL DONE!! ;)
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Looks awesome nice job!!
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Hey Dawn,
What was the internal temp on the loaf? I want to do one with Buffalo topped with bacon mixed with vegies.

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