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Who's got a smoke going this weekend?

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I was so inspired by Dawn's Dino Q, that I bought two racks for saturday's smoke, along with some chicken breasts. What's on your list for the weekened? BTW, thanks Dawn.
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I am out of jerky so will be making venison jerky. Although unsuccesful last hunting season, there are alot of people that dont want the venison steaks. They use up the chops and ground meat. And I being a nice guy take the steaks.
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I will be doing a maiden burn on my UDS this weekend. Thinking about some mango/chipotle chickens and maybe a duck. If ribs are on sale I might do them as well.
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I'm going to give ABTs a try for a family get together on Sat.
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i might have to through some chicken breast in the smoker stuffed with some sausage and wrapped in bacon....i wonder where i got that idea....da#$ i luv this place
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yup....doin 50 lbs of sausage. gonna try out the newley remodeled freezer smoker.(just added 2 more elements in the cavity...now she cooks to whatever temp i want it at)...we are doin all diff kinds i believe. it's my buddy that is supplyin the meat, i'm supplying the smoker. sweetness.
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Either St. Louis Ribs, or Country style ribs. Still a rookie at this smoking business. Never cared much for the country ribs when Momma did them in the oven, or when I grilled them over gas. But I've done St. Louis with sucess on the Brinkman, so I'll probably do the country style to add to my experience.

Some ABTs sound good. Might take a close look at the recipe and think it over. A fatty sounds good too. So does a beer butt Chicken. Heck maybe I'll make the St. Louis too, and throw some ABTs on.

Wonder what I'm going to do with all that food?? icon_eek.gif
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don't forget if any of u are up to post in the 3am checkin thread...gotta keep it going
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St Loius spares here - They've been begging me for them at work! biggrin.gif
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Ribs chops and abt's

If the weather holds out!
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I have a capicolla curing and a butt for pulled pork, Maybe tomorrow night.
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aw work something i don't know about these days...sure hope that changes..lol..i do luv smokin things and bringing them to the unsuspecting
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got some pulled pork thawed so cowgirls egg rolls-that will be a start
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Three slabs of buckboard bacon, two racks of spares, and 10 lbs of marinated jerky, i there's time...
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Hitting the meat outlet Saturday morning to get my hands on my first brisket. Hope all goes well...
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Smokin a cured ham tomorrow.
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Couple of pork butts for Saturday.:D

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Tilapia fillets for Saturday, and a rack of spares for Sunday.
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If I can get routed back to the West Coast I might be able to smoke something, any damn thing, this weekend. Slow freight is killin' us here. Oh well...........
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Been savin' a couple of pork tenderloins that are definitely gettin' smoked this weekend. I've also asked the Missus to pick up a couple racks of spare ribs, just to round things off nicely.;)
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