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Cheap charcoal

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Was at Sams' Club today. They had 43lbs of regular Kingsford for $14.00 and change. Was 2, 21.5 lb bags shrink wrapped together.

At Kmart they had 18lb bag of Royal Oak for $5.99. I got the very last bag. biggrin.gif

Those are good prices for around here.
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i buy all my charcoal at sams 43 lbs was 12.99 last fall so igot 10 bags 430lbs still have bout 88 lbs
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I stock up when I find it on sale...

I keep my eyes open, and buy big when I find a good price. Last year, Costco put two shrunk wrapped bags of Original Charcoal Company lump on sale for $3.97...I couldn't believe it, $3.97 for twenty lbs! Needless to say, I bought as much as I thought Mrs. Engineer would let me get away with. Glad I did, because I have been smoking a bunch this winter.

Check out my stash.

BBQ Eng.
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And here I thought my 3 bags (two 18lb Kingsford, one 18lb RO) was alot.

You guys are serious.
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Check this link to sam's i would'nt say cheap by there web site.
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Locally, RO (USA) is now only sold in bags no bigger than 10 lbs., around $6.35 a bag.
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The Royal Oak hardwood i got i think was 9 pounds from wally world.
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