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Does smoking a bought cured ham turn out well.

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Wondering if smoking Pork shoulder picnics has any pluses or minus versus starting with a raw shoulder.
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Yea, alot of peeps have done it.
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Gene nailed it......give it a try it is good & if you REALLY like smoke flavor, cut it into smaller pieces for more area exposed to smoke....
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unless you would cure the raw shoulder it will come out like a butt .great for pulled pork.
a cured ham can be smoked and it will improve the flavor. Just make sure to keep it moist so it doesn't dry out
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I thought it should but haven't smoked much so wasn't sure. I know a it makes one of those 4lb cooked hams good.
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Here's a video you may find interesting.
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oh yea give it a try they are very good.
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Thanks dacfan. I was going to try one friday. Found some on sale for cheap. Was going to ask the same question friday before I fired up the mes. Your link shows the exact cut I bought. Butt Half Ham. Could not find any threads anywhere concerning them. Anyone know if I should smoke at 275. Or should I go lower and longer? cool.gif
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Since it is probably pre cooked low and slow to 140' should do it.
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I did one a couple weeks back and it turned out super.
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give this one a try... this is bbq bubbas double smoked ham. great stuff!!!
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While this is a ham and not a shoulder, double smoking a pre-cooked ham can turn out very good results. I re-smoke them until about 150° or so internal.

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Double cooked ham

Wish I had pics but I peach glazed one with peach jam and peach dices on Christmas. Smoked with my smoke daddy and 200 on the grill. Used apple and hickory. It was GOOD!

PS It made good beans too!
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JamesB that ham looks so good I'm afraid I'm going to get dehydrated cause I can't stop salivating. I had better drink a couple beers before its to latebiggrin.gif
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That is one BEAUTIFUL looking piece of meat. Wow, I am hungry all over again!
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I resmoke a Corn King formed ham every week for my lunches, it adds tons of flavor to it; this shows it whole but I now cut it in half for more surface area.

On the smoker:

After it was finished:

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Looks Good!
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That's the kind of ham I have tried. The ends are great.
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