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Wood around Chicago

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Need some ideas on where to find wood for smoking in the Chicago area. I am out near Aurora. Anyone know of a place or ideas, much appreciation.

We cut down some trees on the golf course this winter but that won't be ready for awhile.
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getting wood

If you have any out doors stores like bass pro, acadamey outdoors or cabellas they have it
also sams clubs have some. anywhere that sells smokers should have it..
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ok, we have a bass pro shop and I have bought the wood there. I was just seeing if anyone has bought from places that sell fire wood, i.e. A&M Wood, and have had success.

Thanks for the help
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only buy fire wood from someone you know ! alot of places treat the wood w/ chemicals to keep the bugs out and you dont want to use that for food.
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Here is some not far from ya.
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