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Cured Chops with Jalapeno-Cornbread Stuffing

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I cured a few pork chops yesterday using tenderquick and turbinado sugar....I just let them cure for 3 hours, rinsed and stuffed.

The cured chops...

Then made a stuffing using some jalapeno cornbread. The cornbread already has jalapenos, onions and whole corn, so I just added a few seasonings, butter and a bit of chicken broth to keep it moist.

The chops... locked and loaded....and seasoned with cracked black pepper.

Onto the drum...I used a mix of apple and olive wood.

The chop stuffed with jalapeno cornbread stuffing, some turnip greens, salad and a couple of fried green tomatoes.

Thanks for checking out my japapeno cornbread stuffed chops.
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Another awesome post!
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I've never done any curing...what does it do for the chops?

Awesome pics!
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You are absolutely amazing Jeanie!
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Wow nice looking dinner I'd definately hit that with a fork wink.gif
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Looks Great!
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All I can say is.....WOW!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you Ole, Gridiron, Gene, Blacklab, Fired Up, and Wayne!

Gridiron, I was going to say they taste a like ham or bacon...but I just had one for lunch and they really have a taste all their own. lol Not much help am I? Sorry!
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As Always!
I love stuffed pork chops!
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Wow, Great idea CG. The cornbread sounds good and the smoked cured chops look great as well. Did ya happen to save any for a neighbor? wink.gif
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I'm on the phone to Foodnetwork right now.
Get Cowgirl A TV Show Allready!biggrin.gif
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That was lunch!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell, whats for dinner? You are killing me. That looks real good. I am down for the TV show to. Who do we call

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Another "gotta try" POINTS!
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Wow Jeanie the raw chops look great on there own, but with the stuffin it's over the top. great job!!!
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wow girl another awsome qview thanks
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Thank you Dave, Neighbor, Shawn, Pete, AZ, Dan and Terry!

Dave...thank you!
Neighbor, I've still got leftovers, if you left right now.......
Shawn, it's gotta be a fishin' show. :)
Pete, that was supper last night, but I had a chop for lunch today. :)
Thank you AZ!
Dan, they were kinda tasty, I really like that stuffing. :)
Terry....thank you! wink.gif
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Very nice Jeanie!!
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OMG !!!! That looks fine!!!!
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Looks wonderful Jeanie! Gonna have to give this a shot!
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Thank you Darrin, Gator Scott and RSands! Hope you give them a try sometime!
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