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Bass Pro Shop

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Hopefully this is in the correct spot.

Went into my first Bass Pro Shop today and i was impressed. Everything a person could think of. Personally i dont like the dead animal thing, but it was TASTEFUL. Ive been to a few hard core gun shops and an elephant overhead just doesnt do it.

First thing i did when i walked in was of course check out the smokers. Found my electric brinkman (r2d2) but it was priced higher than the one i bought at the depot. Also found what might be my next smoker when space permits, Masterbuilt electric. Lots of room, less wattage than my brinkman, side feed wood chip so i dont have to open any big doors to waste valuable smoke. That will be another day i guess. I did pick up a bag of apple wood, cherry wood, and maple wood.

Next i took a trip upstairs for some honing stones. Ive been searching all over for a good set of stones to sharpen my nice knife set. Mission accomplished and for a budget of only 20.00.

Sadly i did have to leave otherwise i would spend my tuition money on senseless stuff like a reloading kit for my .45 acp.

Well, Bass Pro Shop gets a thumbs up from me.

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We have a Bass Pro here as well. They do have a good selection of stuff, but I think they are overpriced on most everything. If I can't find it elsewhere, I'll head over to Bass Pro or Cabela's
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we are finally getting one here, we have a sportsmans warehouse and scheels allready so I doubt it will increase my selection much.
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Wish we had one nearby, I would like to check it out.
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mes 40

Before ya buy an MES from BPS make sure and look at the new one at sams club.
It has built in probe like the one at bps but also has window in door and light inside.
You can see what's cooking and not have to open the door. It also has the side feed chip chute . $299 at sams $39.99 optional 3 year warrenty is available But you may have to ask for it
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Another thing to note is that the same size unit at Bass Pro is $100 more. The unit at Sams has the window, internal light as well as the meat probe for $100 less than the same size unit at Bass Pro.
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I have a masterbuilt smoker and love using it. If I have a down side to it I think it has some issues of even heat. If you have a very full smoker you sure want to maintain a water bath in the smoker to even the heat. Otherwise I love!! Set the heat and time and pretty much forget it.
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Now that is information im talking about. I was planning on taking my brinkman back to home depot and upgrading, but couldnt justify the 420.00 price tag. i can easily warrant 299.00 with 40.00 warranty. Thanks eman. now to find a dang sams club. Does anyone know if you have to be a paying member like costco?
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yes you do BUT! Sometimes you can ask at coustomer service and get a 1 day free trial membership.
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OH!!! that hurts. Wish I knew that a month ago wink.gif
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Im a student and just found out i can sign up for 25.00/yr. there is a sams club about the same distance where i do my normal grocery shopping(winco). Doesnt hurt to save even more money.
Question for the sams people now. Is this a place where i can do ALL of my grocery shopping, or is it similar to costco on limited stock?
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Limited stock on many things, or cases too big to use on a personal use basis on perishables.
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it is a bulk purchase place . we buy all our cooking supplies and seasonings alot of pre frozen quick dishes .coffee wine, meat is great but usually you can find a better price on meat.
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There is a Bass Pro right by my house... it's great to browse but you definitely pay a premium for the "shopping experience". If you can find something elsewhere do it.
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