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Another Bhut thread

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My Bhut Jolakia just sprouted along with my Red Savina. Less than two weeks. Not bad for these varieties.

Now.... Points to the first person to tell me the proper pronunciation of "Bhut Jolakia".
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ok I will take a stab at it.....boot jok-e-a

all I know for sure is around my house all you here is HOLY SH&T, DANG THATS HOT, HOLY CR*P, WHERE"S THE BEERbiggrin.gif
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OK the proper way to pronounce it is "Ghost pepper" LOL.

Or HOLY CRAP #@^%$*#%%#@#%^^&!!!
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No winner yet. But nice tries.

Cmon, anyone....
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I guess Boot Jok-e-a
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Er... "Boot Jo-LO-kee-eh" ?
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You might be right. Ya know I never been to India. But that sounds like how they would say it. (Points holding)
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Pretty close to what I would use, instead of "eh" I go with "ah"

I had a thread on these awhile ago that got sent to the cyber trash in the dump.....anyway, it's good stuff:

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I thought about that initially. Then I got to thinking about the question posed, it was a really good one and a nice "mystery" to crack for us. As I spoke the words outloud in all different ways, my gut feeling was that the dipthong (last two consecutive vowels) made more sense as "falling" ones, meaning that in a speech pattern they would sound almost like an afterthought...kinda like trail off. Thus to me that sounded more like and "eh" than a distinct "ah". Who knows, I'm just intrigued at this point!

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I have heard that the true pronunciation cannot be spoken by beings with only one tongue. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I was on the phone today with a help desk located in India, so I threw them a curve ball....he told me it is "Boot Joe Low Key Ah" so I actually got some help and didn't need to reboot anything, LOL.
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Allright Ableman!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'm guessing proper pronunciation is largely based on location. From the bathroom it'd be "Mabel, make me an ice cream cone and bring it quick!" icon_eek.gif
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Points! thats funny!
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Wow! You actually went all the way to India to find out. Points to you!
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LOL, no just 1-800-helpdesk and it's a free trip biggrin.gif I've been to a lot of countries and they were all paid for by someone else PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif . The accomodations weren't always the best though biggrin.gif but no complaints. This one was easy.

Actually, I had a question on a credit card today and it turns out the guy was Indian living in Canada. He turned a little bizarre when I asked how to pronounce Jolokia, I spelled it and waited for the answer.

Just to make sure everything was correct, I asked about Bhut. He said, it means....and I cut him off saying "Ghost". He said yes, how did you know that? The guy wat totally in knots after all was said and done. It was kind of funny.

Thanks for the points.
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Bhut Jolakia

I was at a spice shop in Denver and they has some (Bhut Jolakia)Ghost peppers. They said that they are 7X hotter than a habanero.
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thats getting warm there-how's the flavor of those peppers?
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Ill let you know this fall.
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Old town Littleton? That's where I get a lot of stuff, including the these guys. They rate at a little over a million scouvilles which makes them the hottest pepper in the world. In contrast, Jalapenos go from 2,500 to 10,00 scouvilles. A little goes a long way.


These guys have a lot of great stuff from ginger to sage to wahtever you're looking for. They do internet orders as well.
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