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Double smoked Chipotle Infused Oil

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Infused Chipotle Oil

Smoke red jalapenos at 225 for 4 hrs. using mesquite wood. Then put the chiles in a dehydrator for about 14 hrs or until dry. Rough chop chiles into flakes, and let smoke for 3 hrs. at 225 in regular olive oil using mesquite wood. Let it completely cool, and then strain the oil with cheesecloth into a dry sterilized glass jar/container. Store in a cool dry place. Good for frying taco shells, taquitos, quesadillas, pinto beans, or whenever you want that chipotle flavor and/or heat without the chile flakes. Also great when making baked/smoked potatoes, just rub them with the oil, and sprinkle them with salt. Enjoy chileheads!
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Thanks for the recipe

Saved to hard drive! Thanks

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Saved for future use....

From one chili head to another.....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif& points
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thats a keeper-thanks-oils are fun.
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Nice one Rich!
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Hmmm, I appreciate it! On the do gig!
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Nice job!
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Sounds sooooo gooood! Thanks.
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nice...i am planning on doing chipotles also..this will be done as well. what did u do with all the seeds and stuff in the cheese clothe ?? i would think u could dry that back out and grind it up in a coffee grinder and use it for a chipotle powder....what do u think....from one chile head to let me through some points your way.
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Thanks for sharing this, Rich. Might give it a try once I get the wimps in this house used to some heat. icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for the points my friend. Gloria grinds them into some tamale dough for a few family members who like more heat. Good luck on your chipotles.
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now that looks interesting,PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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