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Venison Texas Red

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Chili that is!! I've never seen anybody do chili with this method, but its real good!

I start with fresh red bell peppers which give the final product a nice red color. In this batch I think I used 8 red bell peppers, 6 jalapeno peppers, 2 medium/small onions and a few garlic cloves chopped. I simmer them in some olive oil at very low heat for about an hour to soften.

Then add 1 large can of whole fire roasted tomatoes and a chunk or 2 of bacon ends and let that simmer for another hour or 2.

Simmering with tomatoes and bacon

Next I puree this mixture to the consistency of tomato sauce and start adding spices. Sorry but I dont measure anything, just go by feel and taste at this point.

Copious amounts of good chili powder
red pepper
mexican oregano

At this point the seasonings will have made the sauce too thick so I add some chicken broth to the desired consistency. After an hour I reseason to taste and add broth as needed.

This is about 3# of fresh ground venison

Brown meat and incorporate into sauce. Add a small can of diced fire roasted tomatoes. Simmer another couple hours correcting seasoning and broth as you go.

Finally, take a couple spoonfuls of masa and mix with a little water. Add slurry to chili. Simmer for another half hour and you ready to go!!

Man, This is the best I ever made!! ( but I say that every time)

Thanks for checking out my Texas Red!
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Looks great King. I will have to save this recipe. We love making chili down at the hunting camp. We will need to try this. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Dang nice chilli, king!!!
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Looks excellent Keith! Dibs on any leftovers. :) PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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MMM, now I want chili.
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Man, I wish the rest of the people in this house liked chili. That looks really good. icon_smile.gif
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Thanks everyone! I think there is still one tupperware bowl full left in the freezer Jeanie.biggrin.gif
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That's some great looking chili.

Dawn, I too am the only one here that can eat chili. I make a large Dutch Oven full, eat what I want and freeze the rest in individual containers. When I get the urge, I just thaw one out and get my chili fix.
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Right nice job!
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Nice... This place is gonna make a cook out of me yet.biggrin.gif
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