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Pork Loin Question

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I recently found whole pork loin on sale 1.69 lb so I bought one...a beauty over 10 lbs. I sectioned off a couple 2 lb pieces that I will probably slice for skillet chops.

Now I've got two nice 3 lb chunks (made them smaller to try diff methods) with the thin fat cap still on.

My question is would this be better smoked to say 165 and sliced...or can you pull loin? or will it become too dry?

I was thinking about pulling one of them but I thought I may have to foil it at around 150-160 to keep it moist....

Any Thoughts or Recipes??
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To keep it good and moist, pull it between 140* and 145*. You still want a bit of pink in the middle.

There is also a method I remember reading here (or maybe somewhere else, lol) where it's cooked to about 205* like a butt.
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I always slice loins. I pull em off at 140-145 foil em and then let the temp rise to 150ish before coolering and letting them rest for a bit. They always come out moist and tender. It's one of the quickest and easiest smokes you'll do and well worth the time. I usually coat them with maple syrup or honey, then some dry rub the night before, wrap em up and let them marinate in the fridge until I'm ready to smoke em. You can also make some canadian bacon out of one with very little effort.
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There are quite a few 'stuffed loin' posts here....may want to check some of them out. Good eats!!
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sounds good thanks for the info
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Here is a tenderloin that I cut flat and stuffed. I did one with a fruity filling and one with spinach, sausage, onion and cheese. Wrapped in bacon and smoked to 155. They were wonderful with a roasted raspberry chipotle sauce. I think this is one of my favorite way to do a loin or tenderloin. I know it sounds crazy but the next ones I do will have a filling of apple crunch cake with lots of apple filling. I think it would be killer. Almost bought a blueberry pie to fill one with. The sweet fruit is really shweeeeeet with the smoked tenderloin and bacon.

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never have tried to pull a loin they are just to good sliced and stuffed.
if i want pulled i get a butt on sale.
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I don't think the texture of a loin would work for pulling. It is a solid meat that doesn't seem like it would pull.

As already mentioned by the previous posters, treating it like a roast, chops, stuffing or even turning it in to CB are all great ways to use the loin.

Let us know what you do with them. icon_smile.gif
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That's a great pic PignIt !!!
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Thanks Grothe.... there is a whole thread on that tenderloin out there in cyberspace somewhere.
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Try the Mahogony Sauce in the Pork Forum Sticky. That stuff is great on pork loins!
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Pork Loin

Hmmm stuffed loin! The cogs are turning!

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you might want to try injecting under fat cap with apple juice turns out moist and sweet
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gotta try it heres one stuffed with stove top dressing.

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I re-posted one I did last summer, click on the link in my signature.
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