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I totally forgot about this. Yes I did it. Took three strips of bacon and fried them up, added to the vodka and let sit. I too thought this would make a great bloody mary recipe.PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif

It smelled really good, so I made a bloody mary out of it. Nope, down the drain it went. I will try this again, but I think next time, just one strip of bacon. It definitely has potential. I think the amount of bacon was just too much as it had a very very strong, concentrated almost burnt like taste to it that totally overtook the other flavors in the drink. I think tone it down a bit would be ok.

Will keep you updated when I try it again.
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Here's a link about bacon infused bourbon:

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I occasionally make Dew-aritas: Mountain Dew and tequila combined, poured BACK into the Mountain Dew bottles and stick them in the freezer. Freezes into a nice slush, and they are the ultimate in stealth hooch!

About the vodka, I'll be the first to ask - how good is the bacon afterwards if you toss it into a frying pan?
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I too love bacon and vodka. But this sounds kinda nasty.

To anyone that does perfect the recipie please let us know how much vodka you're using or the ratio of vodka to bacon.

I can't think of what other than a bloody mary it would be good in. Maybe chilled and served martini style with a few cocktail onions?
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