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Cooked Capicola W/ Qview

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I am somewhat following Ryteks book.
I am using a boned butt sorry, for a lack of pictures when I was boning it out. It was a 7 pound butt. I have done this before and it was great.

Rather than make a bunch of brine I use my own method. I insert the butt in the container, the add water and measure how much brine I need. In this case it took 1 cup of TQ and 3 1/2 cups water with a handful of brown sugar. I also injected it. It will be ready to smoke this weekend.

I think this can also be refered to as buckboard bacon with out the spices that make Capicola.

More to follow.
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At least you got a good start, Ron. I've been wanting to make Canadian Bacon for months but just don't take the time. Looking forward to to more Qview.
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Looks good so far Ron.
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How long in brine? I haven't heard of this before, so you have my attention...
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I am going for 4 days and do a test, that's what the last one was. Pumped and brined.
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Looks interesting looking foward to the finished Q-view.
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looks good Ron .... don't give that new smoker time to cool off biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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