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Smoked eggs

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Anyone ever smoke an egg? I did some time ago. Just got some eggs from the fridge and put them on the grate in my smoker for about 2 hours. The smoke penatrated and the eggs were good.

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That is an interesting idea, bet they make good deviled eggs.
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Now that does sound interesting. Did you put a whole uncooked egg in the smoker? If so, did it end up cooking in the shell or was it on a low heat. Or was it hardboiled first then on the smoker. I would like to try this. Have several chickens and oodles of eggs.
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Very interesting, would like to know more also.icon_smile.gif
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I always put em in my cold smoke. Tasty!
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I have only done them a few times. Cooking ribs at 250 or so. Yes raw eggs straight from the fridge. I haven't really messed with times but about 2 hours. Makes for a nice snack.

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Smoked eggs

I smoke em all the time- the kids love them! Just put them in stright from the fridge as far from the heat source as you can and leave them on for about an hour and a half. The smoke goes through the shell and gets into the white. They come out just like a hard boiled egg, but with a smokey taste. Just like making fatties, you better make a lot more than you thought you would need cause they disappear!
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Oh man that sounds really cool. Is one wood favored over the other for this? I assume that too much heat would cause the eggs to crack or EXPLODE? This is really cool. May be a dumb question, but I wonder if one could brine them to impart other flavors into the egg. You think a brine would penetrate? I know when I tell the wife this one, she is gonna roll her eyes at me. But then again she rolled her eyes when I said I was going to smoke a turkey. Guess whos in charge of making turkey nowbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Ya pickle eggs, so brinin shouldn't be much different.
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Well normally, pickled eggs are made after the egg is hardboiled then pickled, right? I, talking raw with the shell on, would a brine penetrate the shell? Im really psyched about making these, I find it really interesting. By the way Travcoman45, where you at in Northern Iowa?
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definitely a Arsenial Hall moment. Things that make ya go hmmmmbiggrin.gif
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I know that if you soak a raw egg in vinegar for about a week the vinegar will eat away the shell leaving only the membrane and the inside of the eggs. Pretty cool little science experiment. you can pick up the whole egg without the shell and play with it.
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I have smoked hard boiled eggs several times. Peel them and do a cold/light smoke for about an hour. AWESOME!!! We have always wanted to try making deviled eggs with them but they never last that long!
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Give it a try. If youre like me... you wont do it twice. But the price of a couple of eggs... Go for it.
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Well, the eggs are in the smoker. Just went and collected some from the hen house and took them right to the smoker. Got em on Mesquite as I ran out of Hickory. If these turn out, I will post some pics. This is different I give ya that.
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hmmmmmmmmmmm now thats a interresting idea as i like hard boiled eggs.
hickory smoked salad topping so keep us posted paleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseconfused.gif
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This sounds like something I have to try.....What kind of temps. are you talking? Have you ever had them explode?
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Did you wash them before you smoked them?
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Yes I washed them real quick. Well they are done. The daughter said they were pretty good. The boy said they were good. Not a real distinct smoky flavor to them, maybe should have had smoke goinig the whole time, but they definately taste better than regular boiled eggs. I did take the shell off one after it was done and put it on the smoker for 1/2 an hour, gave it a pleasent smoke flavor. I think this is something to look into further. Smoked deviled eggs? Had them in the smoker for 4 hours, temp was 130.
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+I was at smoking temps of 225 to 250 so ir would talk longer. Also a nice trick question. Smoked eggs?

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