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Corned beef Brisket?

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I am looking ahead to St Patty's. I see many recipes for corned beef on the smoker. So basically I just cure the brisket then cook?
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If you’re cooking a corned beef brisket on the smoker, you’re making pastrami. If you get a corned beef brisket, soak it in plain water for at least 4 hours to help remove the overpowering salt taste. You may want to change the water several times. I do these all the time and fridge overnight and slice thin for sandwiches. You will never buy pastrami in a deli again.
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I am wanting to make a corned beef for St. Patties day. Does anybody have a good recipe for corned beef? I might do two and make pastrami out of one of them.

Give up the recipes!!
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I like the way this comes out.

suggestion: vac seal it with your food saver. Makes it very easy to handle and turn, etc. while it is corning. Plus, if you are not ready to eat it after it is cured, you just pop the package into your freezer without any further effort.

If you smoke it, you will have pastrami, as previously noted.

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Looks great thanks!!!
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Is it me or is everyone having problems with the links that are pasted in the replys? I get the 404 Not Found to all links referencing anything to other posts here in the forum
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Try this one

The other link seems to be broken
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From what I understood the corned beef has to be seasoned (rubbed) and then into the smoker to make it a true pastrami and not just smoked corned beef brisket. I could be wrong but far as I have always learned the adding of the spices is a must.
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Thanks grothe I have been seeing a lot of broken links....prolly due to the server melt down.
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Here is how I did mine and it was awesome. I did these with store bought corned beef. I just picked up a packer to corn myself.
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