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New to Smokers

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Been indirect grilling for many years on a Weber Kettle but the time has come to buy a smoker for true bbq.

Read lots of posts re: smokers and have decided to get a top quality smoker. Something that will last a lifetime.

Thanks to all for all of the helpful advice thus far.
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Welcome to the forum flatout, glad ya joined us!
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Welcome to SMF. There's tons of info here to read, lot's of great people to ask questions of and talk with in chat. It's a great place. biggrin.gif
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Welcome!! What type of smoker are you considering??
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Welcome Aboard !! and Enjoy the SMF forum. Don't forget to include some Qview with your smokes
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Welcome to the SMF. let us know which smoker you decide on buying. It's all good my friend.
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Welcome! Where ya from?
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Welcome to the forum. There are lots of experienced folks here willing to help. Good luck on your decision.
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From South Florida...No good bbq around so I need to cook my own. Who knows maybe I'll set up a catering business one day.

Posted in the wood smoker forum regarding smokers...leaning toward the Klose Grill Chef right now.
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Welcome to the forum Flatout!
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA........You have come to the right place.........Ask questions and you shall receive.
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Welcome aboard!
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From OKC! You are at the right place these guys have helped me a bunch!
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new to smoking

i have never tried using a smoker, but love smoked meat. I bought a brinkmann smokin grill and can't wait for good weather to try it.
i would apprieciate any help i can get.
( i'm from missouri and i DON'T need to be shown, just told)
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Welcome to SMF Flatout. You'll enjoy this forum. Lots of helpful people here. Keep us updated on what you decide to buy.
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Welcome to the forum! Be sure and keep us up to date on the first smoke!!
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Welcome to SMF.
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