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first smoke on my craigs list ecb

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im going to stuff some chicken breast with goat chese sundried tomatoes and spinich wrap them in baccon (hopfully this will keep them from drying out) im also going to throw on some wings

i need a snak

since this is the first ecb smoke any suggestions would be appreciated
how much or little charcoal doyou need to mantain temps
fill the water pan ? i've seen coments about foiling the water pan what is the reason
i'll be using cherry for flavor and kingsford for heat

thanks for the help
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You will be surprisingly pleased with the results using your newly acquired ECB.

Depending on the length of your smoke determines the amount of charcoal to use. That being said, the Brinkman Smokers tend to burn charcoal quickly and maintaining a steady temperature can be tricky so use a digital thermometer with a probe in the chicken and remove when the chicken reaches the proper internal temperature (170°). I would start with a 3/4 full pan and see how long the coals last. Foiling the water pan only makes cleaning it up easier when you are done with the smoke.

Good luck with your maiden voyage

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thanks for the info b.c. will keep you posted
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I'm an MES guy, but waiting to see your first Q VIEW with this.
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My suggestion since your up in Idaho would be to go buy some play sand fpr a kids sandbox and use in the waterpan rather than water. It will store more heat and equal the temp spikes just a little better than water. Keep that ECB out of the wind howerver you can and be sure to tap that charcoal pan fairly frequently. I made a paddling stick out of a bent piece of rebar to do that. ECB on Craigs List? Can't beat that place on great deals. It is a great place to find just about anything you need or want.
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i already did some mods on it
i put the smoker legs on backwards (on the outside) add added some legs to the fire pan so i can pick up the unit off the fire pan this should make tending the fire a bit easier than trying to work through the little axcess door

off i go
hopfully pics tonight
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I had one

I used one for years. As a matter of fact when I burnt one out my friends bought me another so I would continue the smoke!
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Friends with an ulterior motive...........Smart!
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I tried an ecb one time with terrible results a few years ago. But that was without the help from people here. Kind of wish I wouldnt have given it away now lol. Good luck with it!
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You could probably make a UDS for less than it would cost you to buy one of the newer ECB on the market today.

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I have 2 and love them, can use gas electric or coals in them-I double stack them when I do sausage or bellies-and yes sand in the pan-yes legs on the outside,but U will loose Alot of heat by raising up-my fire pan is sitting on 6 small bricks-douple stacked -when I need to add coal I just lift the smoker off,also helps to wrap it around the bottem wind will be your enemy.good luck
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