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MES and jerky

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I hope this is the right spot for this.Anyway I want to make jerky and the MES manul said 140 for 12-16 hours.This seems a little to long,I want to make jerky not treats for my black lab and pitt bull.Oh And do I fill the water pan? Thanks.
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Not unless your Idea of Good Jerky is Over cooked Meat that will fall apart at the touch....I made that mistake once and it cost me 12 pounds of Top Round...lol...NO WATER PAN
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I only use my smoker to for getting a smoke flavor in my jerky and I use a food dehydrater to finish. My dehydrater runs at 165 so I would try there first. Then take it till just short of the dryness you want. Because it will dry a little more after you pull it. I would ditch the water as earlier stated. Your trying to take moisture out and it will prolong the process imo.
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I just did some in my MES on Saturday. NO WATER PAN. Smoked at 155* and took about 4 hours I think it was....Not very long & after setting overnight, I should have pulled it a little bit sooner for a little more chewy jerky. Make sure your vent is open.
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