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Thanks for the info.
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Thanks.  THis was very helpful.  There were a few that I have been trying to figure out.

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I know the original post was 2.5 years ago - but take it from the FNG, it's still very useful! THANKS

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SPOG- salt-pepper-onion-garlic

IMNSHO- in my not so humble opinion


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Always need Beer its a


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And to think I was going to start a thread asking for such a thing.  +1 for the list.  Now I can print it out and have it handy when I'm reading all the other threads.  thumb.gif

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I hate to be the new guy making requests...but the acronyms here are insane. As a newbie trying to figure out what people are talking about, it is only complicated by threads that include acronyms in nearly every post. For quite some time I thought "OTBS" stood for "off topic bull sh*t," and SMF had something to do with sms text messages. GOSM? RTV? WSM? ECB?


I haven't seen this many abbreviations anyplace but a public school. ISS OSS PAWS R/E TTD. ARG!

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Thanks Brian.


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I just try to read through em all and get to the meat and potatos of the post and piece it all together little by little.  LOL at ARG.

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Any of my recipes and you may need these,

LCB - liquid crab boil

PCB - powdered crab boil

PCB can be subsituted w/ old bay seasoning and cayanne.

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Great list! Makes me feel like I'm married to the Army again!!!!

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