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First beef ribs.

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My first attempt at beef ribs.

Rubbed up and ready for the smoker.

Smoked at 250 for 3 hours with hickory, then 1 hour in foil.

Out of the smoker.

Sliced up.

They were pretty good. Think I will stick with pork ribs though.

Thanks for looking!
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Pretty good? they look great
nice job
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Looks very good
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I'll take the ones you don't want! They look very good Brad.
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You must have forgot the Mojo. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Look pretty damn good man, the first pic out of the smoker is a beauty.
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Looks wonderful from here! Good job! Beef ribs are one of my favorite things!
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Looks good ta me Fired...just love beefies!!!
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Good looking ribs my friend. Nice bone pull back, smoke ring, and bark too. Congrats.
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LOL, obviously someone with no taste biggrin.gif
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Nice lookin ribs!! Some meaty ones!!!
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