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That looks Darn Good! I LOVE corn and I LOVE smoked corn on the cob but the little woman doesn't like having to cut it off the cob. Guess I'm gonna have to try it this way!
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That's what prompted this recipe. We loved Waking Dude's corn but my wife hated the prep work. This turns out almost as good. I think there is something to the leaves that adds to the on the cob taste, but the off the cob recipe is close enough in taste not to warrant the prep work, at least according to the wife.
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I've used frozen corned and smoked it to make a smoked corn soup.

Recipe was something like thisicon_question.gif
Two 32 oz bags of frozen corn
One full head of celery, 5-6 large onions
These were chopped and sauteed in butter while the corn smoked.

The onions, celery and 3/4 of of the corn were pureed with some chicken stock. Some cream was added for texture and the last 1/4 of the corn was added for texture as well. Rich, creamy with a hint of smoke
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Looks damn good.....I will have to try it sometime................
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Not smoked but..

fresh corn thing on the stove top, even down to the TONY. Really good. Will try smoking next time.
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how much wood and what type?
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I use a mix that comes in a bag at the store. It has a variety of wood chips in it including but not all: cherry, apple, oak, hickory.
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My wife made a version of this. We call it smoked chicken corn chowder. It was out of this world. Her family Christmas eve get togethers include three different soups (one from each branch of her family) We decided after the first bite that this smoked chicken corn chowder would be our contribution this year. The beauty of the chowder is that both the chicken and the corn are smoked. Thanks for the idea scubadoo!
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Thats some good looking corn Ill have to try that one day soon.
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Love the idea of Smoked(fried)Corn, I love the panfried version and intend to try this A.S.A.P. Ya got points on this one.....points.gif
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