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Smoking some Cork today

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Well, some front end cow and some back end pork, a chuck and a butt so I figure Cork works

I injected both with some cajun hot and spicy marinade. For the butt, I applied some wet jerk rub and wrapped in saran wrap for 24 hours. The chuck marinaded in Allegro for the same time:

Pulled them out this morning and put a very simple and basic rub on both:

They have been on now for two hours with some LA basting sauce as well as a little apple juice. I have a tray of onions and jalapenos in apple juice under the meat as well:

I'll pull both of them. It's nice to take a break from painting and get back to the smoker.
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Looking good!
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icon_lol.gif Very sneaky. biggrin.gif Looks good.
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Looks great. I like that hot-n-spicy injection. Sportsman's Warehouse just got in a fresh load of Creole Butter and Jalapeno Butter. Haven't had a chance to try the jalapeno yet but I'll bet it's as good as the rest.
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Never thought of injecting a SPICY marinade...does that work well? Looking good, I'm guessing these are the roasts you showed me on my chuckie thread yesterday? I'll expect some finished Q-view on these bad boys.

Spicy marinade injection...the wheels are turning in my head!! Maybe I'll inject a butt with Louisiana brand hot sauce! Oh yeah!eek.gif
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Yeah, these are them, a chuck roast and a butt. However, spicy is a relative term so this isn't like the sauce you're talking about. The jerk seasoning is spicy but a lot of the heat from a spice will get lost after the heat of a smoke.

You can try your LA sauce but add some melted butter to it like you would to a hot wing sauce. That sould work well. I'm a pepper head so I add powdered and sometimes smoked peppers from my garden to the meal and the kids as well as the Mrs aren't on fire that way.

Where you do get some heat and some vey good veggies is from the pan underneath. I have onions, jalapenos and some apple juice in there. The pan also collects all the drippings to boot. Here's what they will look like when done:

As for the meat, when they hit 170, the chuck goes into a pan and gets covered in foil. The butt just gets foiled until they both hit 200 and into the cooler for a rest. I'll post an update probably tomorrow after all is said and done.
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Looking really nice my friend. Smoking is always a nice break from almost any chore/job. Good choice.
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Thanks for the advice, I'll try the LA and butter sauce...I like the sound of that! I'll be looking forward to the final pics!!
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Well, just to wrap things up, here's the butt:

and the chuck roast:

That's it for now.
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Looks like it turned out very well. biggrin.gif Nice bark.
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WOW....Looks great Abelman!
Like Dawn said...nice bark
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