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thawing pork butts question?

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Last week i found pork butts on sale for .89/lb and bought quite a few (and froze them) to save for a cookout i'm doing in the spring. they average about 5-7 lbs. each. What is the best (safest) method for thawing them?
Do i thaw them at room temp, in water?, or put them in the fridge and let them thaw slowly?. Anyone have time frames on how long they should thaw before smoking them? Anything else i should know about thawing them?

thanks in advance
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I have thawed countless butts in th fridge, with safe rersults. As far as tine is concerned, I think you must account for the ambient temp where that fridge is located. My fridge sits outdoors, so in the winter it may take a day + longer than if my fridge was indoors. Average time is 3 days for me. Good luck my friend.
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Thaw them in the fridge. Depending on how big they are it will take 2 to 3 days.
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The fastest safe way is to put them in a pan and keep constant cold water dripping from your faucet over it, as long as the water stays below 40 degrees it is safe.

Make sure that the meat is totally submerged in the water.
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When I buy meat for the freezer I vacuum pack it with a food saver. When I get ready to smoke it, I take it out and let it sit in a sink full of cold water until thawed. Then, it goes back into the frig for a day or so.
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as always, THANKS GUYS!
just what i was lookin for.

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I have had one in the fridge for almost a week,, 6 days trying to decide if it is safe to eat...
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the fridge for the win !
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