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A smokey day

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Fired up the vault again yesterday.friday night i rubbed down 2 -8# butts with yellow mustard and Jeffs naked rub then 2-4# beef shoulder roast's with willinghams origanal rub.Fired up the vault at 6am .filling the cast iron pan with a combination of kingsford hickory bricks and foil packs of hickory.( I find that using coal and propane gives a wonderfull flaver and is easy to maintain a good temp when its below freezing out.) Ohyah I also threw on a 7# ham for slicing along with the roast's. The beef was up to temp,140deg in about 3 hrs.the ham was up to temp, 4hrs.both were cooled and sliced deli thin for lunch meat.the butts were taken to 170 then foiled and brought up to 200 placed in a cooler for a couple hrs and then hand .Every thing seemed to me to cook a little faster today than ever before,butts were done in 7 hrs.I dont know why both temp gauges i used were reading 250-280 just one of those days i guess . Any way you look at everything turned out smokey and delicious. Bill
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It all looks great. Nice job. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good looking food there
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Looks great, Bill. Thanks for the pics.
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Congrats Bill, looks you had some great tasting Q. Thanks for sharing my friend.
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That looks mighty good.
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Very nice!
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Good deal billl......hey I'm a poet.
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Looking good .
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Thanks for the Qview, Bill. Looks mighty tastey!
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Nice smoke, and thanks fpr the Q View. Anytime you're done smoking in less time can be a good thing, especially when the internal temps are right.
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Looks great Bill, very nice!!!
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