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issues with pics

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I try to post pics and I cant seem to. I know how to post pics but every time I go to imageshack to shrink a pic it wont re size,why? I use an IMAC. Is there another site I can do this ?
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I use It's really easy to use and works great. Try this tutorial.
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I use Photobucket as well.
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Me too

the tutorial is good
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I also use photobucket with no problems. Make sure to resize to 640X480 and they fit nicely on the page. Good luck.
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what they said
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Yup, same here, works like a charm - I open SMF in one window and Photobucket acc't in a second window and load pics into photobucket, copy the last URL (4th one) and switch to my post in SMF and copy URL into it - it's that simple - and they appear!
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Yes, no more than 800 x 600 or you will force members to have to scroll right to view the whole image.
A reasonalbe size signature is nice too wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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Oops! I usually do a straight 1024 x 768. How do ya do the smaller pics (from PB) then when ya click on em they get bigger?
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you can adjust your upload size in PB. Just look for the blue colored OPTIONS link in the UPLOAD area. Here you can set upload size.
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I just now followed the tutorial for photobucket and it worked perfectly. Thanks to whomever posted that.
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