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Trail Bologna!

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Trail Bologna!
Well got the replacement tubes fer the stuffer, so last night I stuffed up the trail bologna, yesterday was super busy! Had ta blow snow (hopin we was done with that!), Cleaned up the slicer, slice corned beef an pastrami, vac packed all that, made bread, started supper, brined chickens, an stuffed sausage.

Here be 10 lbs in the smoker. Waitin fer a taste!

I gotta get the fridge smoker done fer projects like this an the hams an bacon. Springs comin, on the list a thins ta get done!

After the smoke I'll post some more q-view!
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Cant wait to se the finish Tip
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bologna looks good Tip-I sure can't wait to hear-I wanna make some
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wow looken good want to see more sorry bout the white stuff we would take it off your hands. high n dry here in mid kansas big fire danger.
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Looks good I look forward to more Qview!!
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I'll be checking back to see how they turn out. Looking good so far. :D
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That looks really good.going to have to try that next.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Looking good, Tip! Sounds like you have your hand full.
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Didn't ya take time to clean the terlets and wash the baby too?! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif heh heh.. super job on the trail bologna! Can't wait to see the finish!
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Looking good
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Final Q-view an a taste test.

Great color an texture, an boy does this stuff taste good! Little spicy fer momma, so I got a regular batch a summer sausage ta make fer her. Got a feelin gonna be lots more sausage makin in the future!
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That looks great Tip. What recipe did you use. Making a bunch of sausage next weekend (if my casings get here) and might add this one to it.
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Actually Mark, this was a lem kit, got on sale durin an outa town adventure, really good, Rytek got one in his book though, should be ever bit as good.
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Thanks Tip. I did look at the ones from LEM. They are the ones that have my casing backordered. I think Rytecs recipe takes a couple weeks to do. Not sure right now. I'll have to order the kit and give it a try.
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Next time yer up this way mark, fleet farm usually have em to.

Yeah, his be a bit long winded, but figured when I just wing it, might use some a his spice suggestions.

If ya need somethin from FF, just let me know, I can pick it up an send it to ya too! I noticed lem was outa alota thins, didn't have my stuffin tubes either, got them off ebay.
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Great looking bologna Tip! Bet it's tasty too. cool.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That will work too. Thanks Tip. I'll let you know.
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