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Hello Everyone

a few months ago i did a small batch of liverwurst the wife liked it so much she had me do more only this time she wanted cheese in it so when we butchered pigs last weekend i did save the liver and yesterday i did a 15 pound batch of liverwurst with hi temp cheese i used Len Poli's Recipe and it is good stuff here is a pic

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Looks great! Liverwurst and onion sandwiches! Yum!
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That looks really good. I love liverwurst. icon_smile.gif
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Where did you get the high temp cheese.

Pops how low does that scale measure. Can it be used for small quantities of spices?
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I got the Hi temp cheese from Butcher-Packer supply several of the sausage supply company sells the stuff
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That looks far better than the stuff I buy! Ever made hamburger patties with a thin slice in em? On the smoker, they're to die for. Awesome job & points comin at ya! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Most of the recipes I've seen for this use fresh pork liver. I've got about 5 pounds of beef liver in my freezer. Anybody know a good "wurst" recipe for beef liver or is it interchangeable with the pork version?

Wurst comes to worst, there is always liver and onions!
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Great job!! Looks mighty fine.
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Good stuff....I like the added cheese!
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Tasty treat, especially with the cheese. Congrats my friend.
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Looks tasty Salmonclubber, nice work. But I been meaning to ask someone....does that cheese have any flavor?
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Huey, I'll take one on nice warm sourdough roll.

Great job!
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May I please have a slice(chunk), Nice looking wurst.
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Thanks everyone it is good stuff the hi temp cheese has great flavor and it adds a lot to the liverwurst the recipe i used is on len poli's web site and it says pork beef or chicken livers will work fine
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Huey, great looking liverwurst! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good! I have been making a 4 lb batch every time we butcher. It is mighty tasty but always comes out crumbly. I will have to give this recipe a try.
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try Rytek Kutas braunschweiger recipe in Great Sausage Recipes and meat curing, aka (the bible) it is absolutely fantastic. Made it many times and friends love it, pork liver is usually pretty easy to come by at the local slaughter house.
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